Gold is the Color of a Winning Career

You work hard and care about things like getting a job done right, working in teams and fostering respect. With qualities like these we know you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right career.

At CertaPro Painters® of Evanston Chicago Northeast, IL, we want to get to know you. Qualities like those mentioned above are core to our culture, making CertaPro Painters® of Evanston Chicago Northeast, IL a unique and fulfilling place to work. It’s important to us to not only deliver memorable experiences for our customers but for our team as well.

Start a career that stands out from the rest. Listed below will be the current opportunities available with CertaPro Painters® of Evanston Chicago Northeast, IL.

Looking for Elite Painters with Elite Standards

CertaPro Painters® is Looking for Great Painters. . . Great Partners

CertaPro Painters® is looking for elite painters with elite standards who know how to take care of their customers. CertaPro Painters is the perfect home for great painters who take their work seriously and never compromise quality or customer satisfaction. If this is you, we want to talk to you.

Our painters do outstanding work and take great care of our customers. We have fewer days off than our competition. This means you are earning consistently so you can take care of your loved ones and yourself, now and in the future.

Advantages of working with CertaPro:
• We invest heavily in marketing and advertising to keep you busy with new work.
• You maintain your independence and you’re in charge of your projects.
• As a subcontractor, you can keep your team and recruit your own crewmembers. It’s up to you who you work with.
• You get paid quickly – normally on the day the client pays us.
• CertaPro takes care of all of the marketing and sales work – you take care of the production of the job and the customer.
• We are a growing (+25% annually for 9 years in a row), established company that is lo-cally owned and operated. Our size and stability give you the peace of mind that we will be here for the future and you can grow with us and achieve your dreams.
If you’re an elite painter with elite standards, we want to talk to you. Meet our standards. Partner with the CertaPro Painters of Evanston Team,and Let’s grow together.

Must be presentable
Strong Customer Service Skills
Hard working
Valid driver's license and Social Security Card/Green Card
Reliable transportation
Must pass background check
Knowledge of industry tools
Strong communication skills
Willingness to learn
Good attitude
Able to lift 50 pounds

Buscamos pintores de 1ª calidad con normas de 1ª calidad.

CertaPro Painters® busca pintores excelentes.

CertaPro Painters está buscando pintores excelentes que saben cómo atender a sus clientes. CertaPro Painters es el lugar para los pintores profesionales que toman en serio su trabajo y nunca hacen ningún compromiso con la calidad ni con la satisfacción del cliente.

¿Es usted un pintor quien está ocupado en desempeñar un trabajo sobresaliente y atender muy bien al cliente? ¿Habla inglés y puede comunicarse sin problema con los clientes? ¿Le gusta su trabajo y se enorgullece de su calidad? Si esto le describe a usted, nos gustaría conocerle.

Estas son las ventajas de trabajar con CertaPro Painters:

Invertimos mucho en mercadotecnia y publicidad para mantenerse ocupado con trabajos.
Tenemos menos días libres que nuestra competencia. Eso significa que usted gana constantemente.
Conserva su independencia y se hace cargo de sus proyectos.
Si es subcontratista, puede conservar su equipo y reclutar a sus trabajadores. Usted decide con quien trabaja.
Recibe su pago rápidamente – lo normal es el mismo día en que el cliente nos paga.
CertaPro se encarga del “negocio de administrar el negocio” – usted se hace cargo del trabajo y del cliente.
Somos una compañía establecida y creciente. Nuestro tamaño y estabilidad le dan la tranquilidad que estarémos aquí en el futuro y usted podrá crecer con nosotros.

Si es usted un pintor de 1ª calidad con normas de 1ª calidad, queremos conocerle. Si usted cumple con nuestras normas, únese a nuestro equipo.

Llámanos al 1-773-541-2024 o